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My name is Vikki Knight and I am a hopeless romantic...as a mum of two teenagers and the wife of a wonderful man for 20 years, I believe there is something to be said for the institution of marriage.  I am university educated and have a had a great career in senior management and think I can relate to almost anyone.

As a Marriage Celebrant I am registered and legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies. Depending on the type of wedding ceremony you want, my role can be big or small—obviously there are legalities that we need to deal with and I will explain these to you in detail.

I can assist you and guide through the planning of your ceremony and I normally provide you with information on venues, examples of ceremonies and readings and suggestions to assist your thinking processes.  My role is to help you by offering options for vows, performing a run through of the ceremony, and performing the ceremony on the day of the wedding.  Some people think that you can’t  laugh and have fun on your wedding day – I think it should be fun and  I love to deal with happy couples who enjoy a laugh and want to make the most of their wedding day. I’ll help you create a ceremony that’s "YOURS" - be it fun, unique, intimate, traditional with a "twist" or even something simple. It won’t be a boring ceremony that everyone's heard a hundred times before - it will be yours.

Your wedding ceremony marks a huge turning point in your life. It makes a statement about your love and commitment and the reasons you and your fiancé have chosen one another as “forever partners”. It is the most symbolic and public personal moment you will ever have – I am here to help you create your perfect day—your perfect way! 

Most of all my role is to assist you and make the process as relaxed and easy as possible.  Please do not hesitate to call or email if you are worried or concerned or have questions.  Remember the only dumb questions are the ones we do not ask....I am here for you throughout the process.

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